Ours Are The Streets, Sunjeev Sahota's debut novel, is set in Sheffield. Here, Sunjeev shows you some of the key places in his novel.

by Sunjeev Sahota


Meadowhall - The Oasis food hall

The Meadowhall shopping centre in Sheffield is the planned target for Imtiaz's attack; specifically, the food hall called The Oasis.

'The family next to us started getting into their coats, saying that if they got a move on they might just miss the traffic. When they'd gone, I leaned in, speaking quietly. 'Only took twenty minutes door to door - if the tram's on time. Say thirty, max. And I didn't count any cameras on the way. You?' I sounded fake, stupid even to myself.'


The Leadmill

This is the club where Imtiaz and Becka first get together.

'It felt good queuing outside the club, too, even if the line were full of shivering blondes and blokes looking for fights. And I told Becka to look how the red Leadmill sign had been fixed at last and how it were now taking long cosy gaps between each flash. I remember thinking that were a good sign as the bouncer waved us through.'


The view from the top

Imtiaz lives on one of Sheffield's hills, in 'an old-style terrace' with a ceiling that's 'white and high, from Victorian times.'

'I can see across the whole city from here. It's like it's built on these huge great grey waves. Off to the right up ahead there's the floodlights poking up from Bramall Lane. On the other side, I can see Meadowhall with its shiny dome wrapped in some sort of dim halo. And between them the vertical red sign of the Leadmill's buzzing in its half-arsed neon way. The bored and dirty river's way off west.'


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