As many of you prepare to become World Book Night givers, we have put together some top tips from previous givers and members of the Picador Books team.  We hope you find these tips useful!

  • Attempt to find out who other ‘givers’ are and see if you can create something bigger than you could do on your own.
  • Planning is crucial - make sure you stay in touch with the World Book Night team and stay on top of any issues that may arise - you can contact them by email, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Check out what the publisher of your chosen books has on offer.
  • Take the plunge and choose your book.
  • Plan an actual event at which to give away your books – invite people to attend. We aren’t a nation of people who can randomly accept gifts from strangers!
  • Make sure you know the book you are giving away so that you can share your enthusiasm and passion for reading and have the opportunity to talk with someone new.


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