Carrie Tiffany's Mateship with Birds​ has been receiving some fantastic reviews from the critics. Read some of them here:


‘Steeped in the seasonal life of creatures who live on the land, this novel raises questions about families, neighbours and the blurring of boundaries between the two. It’s beautifully written, with a quiet humour, and the passages describing the goings-on of the kookaburras are a joy.’ Metro

‘Tiffany writes so well . . . A good read, particularly for loves of nature.’ Daily Mail

'Carrie Tiffany's second novel is a beautifully written, revealing and surprisingly deep slice-of-life-style observation of the intricacies of human, bird and animal behaviours. . . Tenderly explored without crassness or cliche, at no time is Tiffany's writing overly provocative, instead creating a sense of distance between the reader and characters, as if we are merely observing them . . . Casually profound, evocatively descriptive, vaguely erotic but never gratuitous, this gentle story explores complicated human themes with sensitivity and ease.' Time Out


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