Stuart Evers' novel If This Is Home is here at last, and already the reviews are flooding in. Have a read of some highlights!


'British fiction’s latest great hope . . . Slowly revealing its secrets, this book has a remarkable power to unsettle.' Graeme Allister, The Word

'Evers knocks out enviably beautiful prose, and the humming, muffled, air-conditioned neverland of Las Vegas is conjured up with a captivating and woozy effect . . . A compelling book.' Hugo Rifkind, The Times 


'So intelligent and perceptive and so well-written . . .  this first novel is a fine achievement, something to savour. When I had finished it, I went back and read it again, and it seemed even better second time round.' Allan Massie, Scotsman

'Adept and inventive . . .  A quiet triumph.' Ben East, Observer

'A deft, affecting piece of work about possibility and identity. It heralds a fresh, new voice destined to roll gold bars on the slot machine of literary life.' Sinéad Gleeson, Irish Times


'A hugely original, unforgettable debut . . . Both gut-churning and beautifully written, this is a must read.' Easy Living

'Assured and unsettling.' Amber Pearson, Daily Mail 


'If This is Home is a sophisticated debut far enough removed from life to be intriguing but with a healthy balance of northern sensibilities that make it realistic and relatable.' Big Issue in the North


'He has a talent for writing with impact so that each sentence moves you into new places and moments of shock feel like a punch in the gut. He flows smoothly from the melancholy, to the emotional, to the visceral and back again without breaking step or the readers pacing . . . If This Is Home is a terrific book that will draw out a little laughter and repulse you, all within the 320 pages. The thing to remember is that this is Stuart’s debut novel, if he’s this good now what will we see in ten years? Personally I believe that we will discuss the name Stuart Evers a hell of a lot in the years to come.' Dog Ear Discs.  The full review is here.