It was only published in July 2012, but one month on. Stuart Evers's If This Is Home had garnered stunning reviews from press across the country. If you haven't read it yet, you'll want to after this!

“It is a pleasure to come on the work of a young novelist which is so intelligent and perceptive and so well-written and so well-constructed. It is often rash to predict a successful future for a writer on the evidence of a first novel because that novel may draw on a well of experience and imagination which is soon drained. But I should be astonished if Stuart Evers does not prove to be the real thing. Meanwhile, this first novel is a fine achievement, something to savour. When I had finished it, I went back and read it again, and it seemed even better second time round” - Allan Massie, The Scotsman

 “ Evers is a future prize winner” - The Bookseller

British fiction’s latest great hope.  Slowly revealing its secrets, this book has a remarkable power to unsettle” - Word Magazine

“Evers’ engrossing debut novel, kept reminding me of Grosse Point Blank … Actually it’s a far more complex narrative … Evers knocks out enviably beautiful prose, and the humming, muffled, air-conditioned neverland of Las Vegas is conjured up with a captivating and woozy effect …A compelling book ” - Hugo Rifkind, The Times

Sparky, edgy and bursting with energy … an incredibly entertaining read” - Stylist

“Clean and elegant; his sentences are unadorned, downbeat and honest in their documentary style…Evers is a talent for the future – of that, I think, there’s little doubt” - Sunday Telegraph, Seven Magazine

“A deft, affecting piece of work about possibility and identity.  It heralds a fresh, new voice destined to roll gold bars on the slot machine of literary life” - Irish Times

“Most inventive; the book shifts gear into a ghost story, a murder mystery, a voyage of self-discovery, without ever resorting to melodrama. In fact, the pervading air is one of melancholy. And yet it’s to Evers’s credit that If This is Home is so readable. In the end, that’s because Wilkinson is such a familiar character, someone who follows his dreams only to find that life doesn’t turn out the way it does in the movies. A quiet triumph” - Observer

“Evers conjures with aplomb the contrasting worlds of rich, venal businessmen in Vegas and a dreary northern English town … Evers is exceptionally good at dialogue: the cascading monologues of a taxi driver, hairdresser and bitter photographer made me simultaneously wince in recognition and smile” - Leyla Sanai, Independent on Sunday

“Evers lights upon numerous themes, from the long-lasting effects of trauma to the reliability of memory” - The Sunday Times

“This is a hugely original, unforgettable debut that we’ve been telling all our friends to read…Both gut-churning and beautifully written, this is a must read.” - Easy Living

Electrifying! Wilkinson elicits our sympathy (and empathy) right from the word go” - Books Monthly

“Evers captures the frustration of adolescence and the lingering pain of careless destruction with sharp. Flowing prose and a propulsive structure” - Metro

“The novel picks up a thriller-like pace and, weaving in the odd, sometimes devastating twist, and marking Evers as an author with storytelling substance” - Timeout

“Reminiscent of J.G.Ballard’s highrises and holiday resorts…If This is Home begins as a chilly take on greed and ambition and gradually softens to become a more sentimental tragic romance. What’s surprising is that Evers manages to land every dramatic punch, with a final twist that has devastating implications. Some readers may prefer the teasing and austere SF-style set-up to the later emotional denouement, but this is a fresh and eccentric novel that isn’t afraid of attending to the broader pleasures.’ - The Spectator

"It’s a wonderful story, in which the mystique of Las Vegas and the mundanity of Paul Daniels collide in a fashion that Evers has made exclusively his own...” - The Guardian

“There are some striking and well-handled shifts of tone in If This Is Home. In the opening chapters, the Valhalla complex seems almost to belong in a more heightened reality, which contrasts sharply with the down-to-earth nature of the Cheshire-set sequences. Later on, the novel starts to turn on Mark’s character and, balances reality with a slight unreality in a different way – yet If This Is Home always feels a cohesive whole. Evers examines the difficulties of fitting in, leaving and returning; and shows how an individual can simultaneously have no options and all the choice in the world.’ - Booknotes – David Hebblethwaite’s blog

Gripping and often grotesquely fascinating, the book is a worthy read” - James Fry, Manchester Evening News; syndidcated across the regional press


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