It's not just people in-house that love Room either. This is a selection of quotes from booksellers...


'Donoghue imbues Jack with an acute intelligence and is masterful at showing us his strange perceptions. This is not a comfortable read, but it's an unforgettable one.' Ruth Hunter, Bertrams (quoted in the Bookseller)

'A boundary pushing story of jaw-dropping cruelty told with eye-watering tenderness . . . With this unique voice she has created a must read for all.' Patrick Neale, Jaffé and Neale (quoted in the Bookseller)

'The start of it was excellent as you're trying to work out what's going on and why they're in the room . . . The middle bit is really exciting but it's also excruciating, and I couldn't put it down at this point. The last bit is also brilliantly written, and I read the whole thing in one go . . . I think it will do really well, it's a hot topic and really well written.' Abigail Allen, Manager, Cribbs-Causeway Waterstones

'An utterly compelling novel . . . Horrific yet never horrifying, touching yet never sentimental. It has something of The Lovely Bones about it and it is bound to get plenty of publicity.' Sue Scholes, WH Smith fiction buyer (quoted in the Bookseller)

And, as before, the enthusiasm isn't just limited to the UK. Here's a quote from the Netherlands:

'Very, very compelling, shocking and funny at the same time- very powerful stuff.' Els van Boggelen, buyer for Libridis

And here's one from Germany: 'When I first heard about it I wasn't sure how it would work with 5 year old Jack telling the story but it is totally right and makes it all the more moving. Having only recently read The Road, I couldn't help but compare the relationship between Jack and his mother to the relationship between father and son in that, both trying to make the best of a desperate situation. I really enjoyed it; it's gripping, thought-provoking, uncomfortable in parts, and very moving. I agree with the Audrey Niffenegger quote that it lingers with you for days afterwards.' Silke Koehler, buyer for J U Books in Hamburg.

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