Here at Picador, the buzz around Emma Donoghue's incredible novel Room​ is really growing, and there is a real sense that this book is something special and very important.

The names won't mean much, of course, but to me, the level of enthusiasm is further proof - if any were needed - of just how special this book really is.

The first is from Guy Raphael, one of our UK Key Account Managers, and he sent it to me the day after I'd initially circulated the manuscript: "I read the first 100 pages last night and I've come straight in today and printed out the remaining 200..."

The second is from another colleague in Sales, Brett Walker: "This is deeply moving. I filled up with tears at least 3 times reading it."

And this from Picador's Publisher, Paul Baggaley: "This is pure commercial publishing that happens to be brilliantly written. I have not read anything like it since The Road."

And from our Director of Corporate PR, Jacqui Graham: "Totally mesmerizing. Brilliant."

But when I say in-house, it's not just UK-based. This final quote came from Mark Seebeck, our Australian Product Manager: "Wow. The voice is so strong, unwavering, and so damned right." 

Right indeed. I couldn't say it better myself.

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I've already mentioned the amazing pre-pub quotes we have for Room (Audrey Niffenegger, Anita Shreve, John Boyne and Michael Cunningham), but I thought it might be interesting to share a few of the in-house comments too...