Find out what people are saying about Edward Docx's The Devil's Garden.

'Dr Forle works in the Amazon and considers his study of ant colonies above politics and ordinary life. But when he witnesses an act of cruelty he is sucked into a moral and political storm. Edward Docx’s The Devil’s Garden reads like a thriller but has fascinating moral and political dimensions. The description of the jungle is horrific, making this a great contender as a Heart of Darkness for the 21st century.' Patrick Neale 

'Starting with the ominous sentence, “There is only one way out: the river”, The Devil’s Garden anatomizes a deadly clash between the ruthless agents of big business and politics and a hapless group of scientists and native Indians in a contemporary Amazonian-style setting. Narrated by Dr Forle, who is researching jungle ants, the novel makes valuable points about the dark side of mankind, as well as the desperation needed to stay alive.' Rodney Troubridge

'After he won the 2007 Geoffrey Faber Prize for his last book, big things are hoped for from Edward Docx’s forthcoming third novel, The Devil’s Garden. The acclaimed British novelist, who was also longlisted for the Man Booker Prize, has set his latest work on a scientific outpost in the depths of the Amazon jungle. On the first of two visits to the region... the former journalist met a woman who told him a story about a scientist who disappeared in terrifying circumstances…' Metro 

'There is a palpable sense of foreboding right from the first page of The Devil’s Garden, as a sinister Colonel and a sleazy Judge arrive at Dr Forle’s jungle river station, disturbing his research into the  behaviour of his beloved ants in the Devil’s Garden of the title. Docx, with his spare, strong prose, spins an eerie tale of love, violence and obsession. With its unusual setting, amidst the Indian tribes of an unnamed jungle, this is one of the most original books we’ve read in some time.'  What’s On magazine


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