Rowan Moore's book Why We Build has been shortlisted for the International Committee of Architectural Critics (CICA) book award.

Why We Build explores the making of buildings from conception to inhabitation, and reveals the paradoxical power of architecture: it looks fixed and solid, but is always changing in response to the lives around it.

Moving across the globe and through history, through works of folly, beauty, spectacle, and subtlety – the doomed mansion of an Atlanta multimillionaire, the phenomenally successful High Line in New York – Moore gives a provocative and iconoclastic view of what makes architecture, why it matters, and why we find it fascinating.

CICA brings together critics, theorists and historians from all over the world and its members share the conviction that criticism and the theoretical discourse of architecture in general are integral parts of the architectural process. 

The shortlist is eight-strong and is made up of architecture critics from around the world. The winner will be announced on 4 August 2014.