There's never enough time to read emails from your friends, let alone all those newsletters you so zealously sign up to after reading one article on a blog you stumbled across. This is a list of all the literary emails we can't do without. We've kept it short but will add to it as more bookish newsletters make their way into our life. 

Electric Literature's Recommended Reading

What: This smart, U.S.-based, online mag isn't just a place to catch up on the latest literary news and interviews. Electric Lit also champions new writers with their weekly recommended reading: a previously unpublished short story, selected by the best authors and editors of today. 

Good for: Discovering the next big author before everybody else.

How often: Weekly. Sign up here.

Recommended Reading Electric Literature

Picador Friday poem

What: Okay, so maybe we're being a bit biased including this one, but what could be better than one published poem straight to your inbox every Friday? It might be by Shakespeare or Michael Donaghy, Carol Ann Duffy or Kate Tempest... Sometimes the poem is introduced by the poet in question, there might be some context to shed new light on it, and sometimes we send it completely unadorned for you to ponder over. 

Good for: Poetry aficionados and newcomers alike. 

How often: Every Friday. Fill in the form below to sign up.