Everyone in Tigers in Red Weather likes a drink so we mixed two Tigers cocktails of our own. Happy cocktail hour!

Nick's Passion and Hughes is Back cocktails


Nick's Passion: Passoa, Absolut vodka, fresh passion fruit, passion fruit juice

Hughes is Back: Cray fish infused Absolut vodka, black pepper corns, Martini dry, cray fish

Her voice was light, but beneath her pretty green dress and her cocktails, Hughes saw a new fragility, like something splintering. Her hand shook as she poured the martinis and she had to swab up the tears of vodka that had dribbled down the glasses. She placed them on a silver tray with olives. Nick stood back and looked at them, marveling at how something could look so clean and be so poisonous at the same time.

Nick had put on Count Basie and the ebb and flow of the jazz filled the sitting room, along with the cheerful sound of ice cubes hitting glass.“Houses, husbands, and midnight gin parties,” Nick said. “Nothing’s going to change. Not in any way that really matters. It will be like always.”