Kevin Wilson's excellent debut novel The Family Fang is this week's TV Book Club choice.

It's been called odd, disturbing, brilliant and hilarious, and has been likened to the films of Wes Anderson and The Coen Brothers along the way. The Family Fang is certainly a book that urges discussion.

Below are just a few snippets from the many glowing reviews the book received upon its release.

The Family Fang will feature on the TV Book Club on Sun 25 March at 7.20pm on More 4.

This is a disturbing and fiendishly funny first novel-a film is inevitable. I can't wait. A comedy, a tragedy, and a tour-de-force. I have never seen anything like it before. Genius. From the minute I met Family Fang I was won is very funny indeed.

Think Steve Toltz's A Fraction of the Whole or John Kennedy Toole's A Confederacy of Dunces'

Opening this book- which qualifies as an experience rather than a mere read- is like bursting onto the chaotic set of the Addams Family...Completely in control of his entrancing narrative, Wilson never lets the tight tragicomedy descend into farce.

Wilson writes with the studied quirkiness of George Saunders or filmmaker Wes Anderson, and there's  some genuine warmth beneath all the surface eccentricity.

Hilarious, quirky and brilliant. You'll fall in love with the Family Fang

With shades of The Royal Tenenbaums, the whimsically eccentric Fang family live for performance art with hilarious results. Sure to be made into a Coen Brothers' film


You can read the second chapter by clicking here.