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This month’s recommended novel for book clubs is Rebecca Wait's The Followers, a gripping thriller set amongst a religious cult on the Yorkshire moors. It's a novel that asks timely questions about love, faith and responsibility. 

‘A great surging shout of a novel, which left me,
in the end, in tears. . . I’d urge you to buy it’

A note from Picador Editorial Director, Francesca Main on The Followers.

'This is an extraordinarily powerful, gripping and unforgettable novel by an immensely talented young writer – it’s the kind of prose that feels effortless but is rare in how vivid, moving and unexpectedly funny it is.' 

The Followers by Rebecca Wait

Judith has been visiting her mother, Stephanie, in prison once a month for the last eight years. Even now, they find it impossible to talk about what brought them here - Stephanie's slow transformation under the influence of a charismatic yet darkly manipulative man, and the horrifying act of violence that changed everything. Some say that Stephanie was a victim too, that she wasn't responsible for her actions. But Judith's own life is in pieces and she's not so easily convinced. 

Do you have to love a parent unconditionally? And can you forgive the things you will never forget . . .?

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