If there’s one thing you can be sure about in this life, it’s that you won’t always be kissing the right person...

The epitome of East Coast glamour, Tiger House is where the beautiful and the damned have always come to play in summer, scene of martinis and moonlit conspiracies, and newly inherited by the sleek, beguiling Nick.

The Second World War is just ending, her cousin Helena has left in search of married bliss in Hollywood, and Nick's husband is coming home. Everything is about to change.

Their children will suprise them. One summer, on the cusp of adolescence, Nick's daughter and Helena's son make a sinister discovery that plunges the island's bright heat into private shadow.

Magnificently told by each of the five characters in turn, Tigers in Red Weather is a simmering tale of passion, betrayal and secret violence beneath a polished and fragile facade.

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