Tim Winton, whose latest novel Eyrie (pronounced 'airy') is out next week, talks to editor Sophie Jonathan about the book and his writing. He also reads from the book's opening – the best hangover scene since Kingsley Amis's Lucky Jim.

As Tim puts it, Eyrie is a novel about a man who 'has fallen out of love with life, with himself and with his fellow species'.

Tom Keely has lost his bearings. His reputation in ruins, he finds himself holed up in a flat at the top of a grim high-rise, looking down on the world he’s fallen out of love with.

He has cut himself off, and intends to keep it that way, until one day he runs into some neighbours: a woman from his past and her introverted young boy. The encounter shakes him up in a way he doesn’t understand and, despite himself, Keely lets them in.

But the pair come trailing a dangerous past of their own, and Keely is soon immersed in a world that threatens to destroy everything he has learnt to love.

Tim spoke to Claire Armitstead on the Guardian podcast. You can listen to it here.

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