The day is here! The cover of Vivienne Westwood, co-written by Vivienne Westwood and Ian Kelly, has arrived and it's absolutely stunning. Featuring an exclusive portrait of Vivienne taken by artist photographer Juergen Teller in Westwood’s private London home, the cover was designed by Clare Skeats and the book itself contains colour illustrations throughout.

Vivienne Westwood said: ‘We met a long time ago and [Juergen] has been photographing Andreas (Kronthaler) and me for our advertising campaigns for many years now. Juergen somehow manages to control the medium. Photography isn’t like painting, where you can decide how you want someone to look, but Juergen manages it. It must be something to do with where he places you in the picture, and the space he leaves around you. What’s great about Juergen’s photographs, too, is that they look like me, they actually reflect what I think I look like, and yet they also show me myself in a new way. In this picture I’m really drawn to these wrinkly old hands. They’re my hands, of course, and yet suddenly they look new and interesting. I’m very glad to know Juergen – he’s a very special person. I don’t know how he does it, but he just seems to get to the essence of you, every time.’

Juergen Teller said: ‘The first time I met and photographed Vivienne must have been about twenty years ago. I was immediately struck by her, liked her very much. To me she makes so much sense, she’s fascinating, she has conviction with everything she does. We felt and feel comfortable with each other. I consider Andreas and Vivienne good friends. Everything is simple between us, to talk to each other, spend time together. I seem to understand her creations, her clothes, the way they look, what they want to do. It falls easily into place when we work together and I think we give each other something, which is quite rare and very exciting for both of us. I am really extremely fond of her. Vivienne asked me to photograph her for the cover of her book and it made perfect sense to come to her house, spend a lovely afternoon with her, she prepared a delicious simple dinner. I like how confident and regal she looks. It’s the first time I photographed her with a digital camera. We both like the picture.’

Here's an extra large image so you can admire it in all its glory.

Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood will be published on 9 October, 2014. Find out more about the book here.