Sky Atlantic release the trailer for Cloudstreet, the new series based on Tim Winton's novel. Watch it below and let us know what you think


There’s much excitement at Picador and beyond about the mini-series of CLOUDSTREET being screened on Sky Atlantic, starting this Saturday 7th January and running to Saturday 11th February.

Tim Winton himself co-wrote the script and it promises to be unmissable viewing. Do settle down and enjoy it and treat yourself to the novel, too.  It’s a book full of laughter and tears, wonder and dreams: the story of two boisterous families fallen on hard times, and the broken down house on the wrong side of the tracks that begins as a roof over their heads, and ends as a home for their hearts.

If you love CLOUDSTREET may we also recommend BREATH, DIRT MUSIC, THE TURNING and the rest of Tim Winton’s wonderful novels.

As The Times put it: ‘Tim Winton is not simply a great Australian novelist; he is a great novelist, full stop’.