We share the books that the Picador Editorial team have been enjoying over the last few weeks. 

Ravi Mirchandani, Associate Publisher

Tana French's In The Woods. 50 pages in, I was rather reminded why I don't often read crime fiction; it was somehow all too familiar a set-up to seem terribly interesting.

50 pages after that - and for the rest of the book - I found myself wishing i read more 'literary' fiction that was as excellent, both gripping and insightful, not so much about the killer, as about the relationships among the cops and the family of the murdered girl. First-class debut; I'm now on to the later ones to see if they are, as I'm told, even better! 

Francesca Main, Editorial Director

I'm reading The Tidal Zone by Sarah Moss. It's astonishingly acute, tender, funny and mesmerizing, but then every so often I have to put it down and draw breath. Having meant to read her for years I'm now wondering how soon I can devour everything Sarah Moss has ever written.




Kris Doyle, Senior Commissioning Editor

I just finished Transit by Rachel Cusk and I truly loved it. They way Cusk manoeuvres her reader into a state of participatory consciousness felt like a genuine development in the modernist novel to me.

Uncompromisingly intelligent, ferociously funny, masterfully composed, when Cusk's trilogy is complete (Transit follows 2014s Outline), I suspect it'll be one of the great fictional achievements of the decade.


Ansa Khan Khattak, Assistant Editor

I'm reading The Sympathizer at the moment, by Viet Thanh Nguyen. It's absolutely brilliant: a devastating, unblinking account of the Vietnam War and its aftermath.

The eponymous narrator is a communist double agent who is both hobbled and enabled by his ability to sympathize with all sides. He's a spy with an impressive capacity for deceit, but he's also a deeply human character, with a level of commitment to a political cause that I think it's hard for us to understand. I've wanted to read it since it won the 2016 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, and haven't been disappointed.


Gillian Fitzgerald-Kelly, Editorial Administrative Assistant 

I'm currently reading Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout for an upcoming book club. When it came to my turn to choose the book, I instantly chose Olive as it's something I've been meaning to read for ages.

I loved My Name is Lucy Barton, also by Strout, and when I worked in a small independent bookshop Olive was a massive favourite among my fellow booksellers. Told in 13 interrelated stories, this is a beautiful novel and one which definitely lives up the aforementioned hype!


Kish Widyaratna, Editorial Assistant
In wake of the devastating news of Trump's victory I have been re-reading Sister Outsider by Audre Lorde published in the US by Ten Speed Press and distributed in the UK.
An essential collection of essays and speeches from this inspiring radical black lesbian feminist poet and organiser, as freshly relevant today as when first written. In these dark times her writing and poetry deliver to my faltering heart nothing less than hope, sustenance, solidarity and courage.


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