Back in 2011, novelist Richard House came to us with a big idea: a proposal for interlinked novels that spanned continents and cultures. The way the stories are all intertwined and laced with Paul Auster-esque metafictional layers, along with Richard House's background as a collaborative artist, gave us the suggestion for what would eventually become a huge digital project. The Kills was the perfect opportunity for a multimedia novel, with videos, audio and images created by the author that would take the reader on a journey beyond the boundaries of the written word.

Two years later, after many many meetings with Richard House and a large project team from Picador, we have The Kills, a single volume, 1,003 page book. We also have Sutler, The Massive, The Kill and The Hit, ebooks of the four separate parts, each of which contains Richard House's own videos, audio and pictures. 

Here's the trailer for Sutler, Book 1:

Intrigued? Find out more about The Kills at You'll find all the videos, audio and pictures, as well as answers to the why, what, how of The Kills from author Richard House.

And, you can get book 1, Sutler, for the price of a tweet using Pay with a Tweet.