Macmillan Collector’s Library has arrived

13 July 2016

By Pan Macmillan

The first books in Macmillan Collector’s Library publish today. Harriet Sanders, Publisher of the Macmillan Collector's Library, shares the classic books that she is most excited to be reissuing. 

Today we launch Macmillan Collector’s Library a new imprint of beautiful, pocket-sized hardcover classics, all of which are eminently collectable and make the perfect gift.  

Gorgeous on the outside and captivating on the inside, each book has a specially commissioned introduction or afterword.  Out of the twenty-six coming out today, which ones am I particularly excited about?

Ernest Hemingway is renowned as much for his epic lifestyle and love life as he is for his novels.  But let’s not forget he won both the Pulitzer and the Nobel Prize.

He’s an innovative and powerful writer whose own life often inspired his novels and I’m thrilled that we’re publishing arguably his two most famous books.

A Farewell to Arms is set in Northern Italy during the First World War and is based on Hemingway’s own experiences in Italy during the war where he volunteered for the Red Cross. A century on, this intense love story and exposé of the human condition amidst a time of great conflict still really packs a punch. 

This month marks the anniversary of the start of The Spanish Civil War and Hemingway’s own involvement in that conflict is well documented.  The action in For Whom The Bell Tolls takes place over three days of fighting in the Spanish hills and brilliantly captures the brutality of war. 

Published in 1940 to great acclaim, For Whom The Bell Tolls is striking for its direct style. Both the Hemingway books have afterwords by writer and editor, Ned Halley.

Many of us as children read abridged versions of The Water-Babies but on Macmillan Collector’s Library we’re publishing Charles Kingsley’s novel in all its glory with beautiful illustrations by W. Heath Robinson. 

The Water-Babies is a work of extraordinary imagination. Tom, a child chimney-sweep covered in soot and exhausted, tumbles into a river where he is transformed into a water baby. There he finds a magical world full of strange and wonderful creatures.

But this is more than just a flight of fancy for children. Charles Kingsley was a committed social campaigner and his book is also about the gap between rich and poor in Victorian England, the terrible working conditions and the lack of universal education.  With an introduction by author, journalist and broadcaster Christina Hardyment

We all know the story of the magical car, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, but how many people know that the book is written by Ian Fleming, famous for his James Bond novels? 

Fleming wrote the story for his young son Caspar and it was first published in 1964. Our edition contains lovely illustrations by Joe Berger.

What I love about the classics his how so many of them stay current in our lives today. Very recently ITV ran a highly acclaimed drama series written by Julian Fellowes, of Downton Abbey fame, based on Anthony Trollope’s novel, Dr Thorne.  We have a beautiful edition of Dr Thorne coming out today.

This volume of Trollope’s famous Barchester Chronicles outsold all the others so it’s a perfect one to start with. With an afterword by Ned Halley.

Another hugely successful television series is Poldark and it’s thanks to his screen time that we’ve all fallen back in love with Ross Poldark, not to mention Cornwall.

We’re publishing the first two books in Winston Graham’s Poldark twelve volume series, Ross Poldark and Demelza. Winston Graham was a prolific writer and although he’s best known for his Poldark series he wrote many other novels including Marnie, which was the basis for Alfred Hitchcock’s film of the same name.  With afterwords by the novelist, Liz Fenwick.

I’m very proud of our crime offering on Macmillan Collector’s Library and Classic Locked Room Mysteries is a completely new anthology of gripping ‘locked room’ stories – they’re just as much about how dunnit as who dunnit and this new volume includes tales from many of the greats, including Arthur Conan Doyle, Wilkie Collins and Edgar Allen Poe.