Literary agent Carole Blake dies

27 October 2016

By Pan Macmillan

We are all devastated to hear of the sudden death of our author, colleague and friend Carole Blake, also of course beloved agent to our author Peter James, on Tuesday night. 
It is difficult to put into words how this shocking news has left us all feeling, but Jeremy Trevathan, our Publishing Director, has attempted to speak for us all here: 

"Carole Blake and Deborah Rogers were the two great female literary agents on the scene when I first started out in publishing around 30 years. So to have lost Carole now feels like the second seismic shift to have occurred in international publishing in the last year or so. Carole was imposing, whip smart, logical, a demon negotiator and contractual stickler. She also had a heart and a personality as big as the ocean. As the years moved on Carole became more of a colleague than a demon adversary. She worked in partnership with her authors and publishers to ensure that the best result ensued. She never took herself seriously. My fondest memory of her will be of her dressed as a lobster at the annual Publishing pantomime berating her fellow agent lobsters, Jonathan Lloyd and Andrew Nurnberg, to perform the lobster quadrille correctly. But seriously, this is a major loss to our industry, and we at Pan Macmillan are so sad, and send our warmest thoughts to her family and her colleagues at Blake Friedmann."