Macmillan Children’s Books announces Two Hoots!

04 September 2015

Two Hoots is to be the name of Suzanne Carnell’s recently announced illustrated imprint. The logo has been specially illustrated for her by award-winning illustrator Emily Gravett. The list will publish around 12 books annually. 

Suzanne Carnell says of her imprint name and forthcoming list, “I am proud to introduce my new illustrated imprint. We don’t give two hoots for convention, so there will be no boundaries of format, age group, style or content; we want to offer the most gifted authors, artists and designers the creative space to explore and experiment. It is a huge privilege to be presenting breathtaking new books from the very best UK and international talent in Emily Gravett and Lane Smith, alongside stunning debuts from Bethan Woollvin and Morag Hood. With future highlights including some joyous Flying Lemurs from Zehra Hicks and a brilliant Animal Alphabet by Julia Donaldson, I am thrilled to be publishing such exceptional books for readers of all ages, books to engage the heart and fire the imagination. 

“I wanted a name to match the independence and freedom of my list, something fresh and approachable and with a lightness of touch. I wanted to reflect the fun and enjoyment of publishing and the fundamental importance of the personal, which is so valued at Pan Macmillan and I hope I’ve done that. I love the cheekiness of Two Hoots, and our playful logo with the wonderfully endearing owl at its centre. How did I come up with it? I can’t remember what it was I wasn’t giving two hoots about at the time, but as the words came out of my mouth, I thought ‘hang on . . .’ and my colleagues agreed: the owl had landed and I had my name.” 

Two Hoots has its own Commissioning Designer, Sharon King-Chai who has worked at Macmillan for 4 years and has previously brought inspired new design approaches to The Complete Alice and the new silhouette Gruffalo gift editions. The imprint is overseen by Chris Inns, Macmillan Children’s Books Art Director for 0-6.