Bestselling author Ruth Hamilton dies

15 April 2016

By Pan Macmillan

It is with great sadness that Pan Macmillan announces the death of Ruth Hamilton.

Wayne Brooks, Publishing Director, Fiction, Pan Macmillan said:

'One of our most treasured saga writers (although she would flatten me for using the saga label) Ruth Hamilton passed away on Thursday 14 April. Her son was by her side at the hospital in Crosby, Liverpool.

To call Roofy (as I always knew her) a ‘character’ was a vast understatement. She was more like a force of nature and one incredible storyteller. We laughed, cried and screamed at each other for six years, and today I lost a friend and a sparring partner. It’s true to say that there will be a huge Roofy shaped hole in my life.

 As she very often said at the end of her phone calls, of which there were many ‘ love ya our kid. Ta-ra!’ Well ‘Ta-ra to you Roofy. Love ya more our kid.’'

Ruth Hamilton was the bestselling author of numerous novels, including Mulligan's Yard, The Reading Room, That Liverpool Girl, Lights of Liverpool, A Liverpool Song and A Mersey Mile. She has become one of the north-west of England's most popular writers. She was born in Bolton, which is the setting for many of her novels, and has spent most of her life in Lancashire.