Sir Alistair Horne, CBE dies aged 91

02 June 2017

Sir Alistair Horne, CBE, 1925-2017
We're saddened to hear news of the death of Sir Alistair Horne, the brilliant historian and official biographer of Harold Macmillan, former Prime Minister and Chairman of Macmillan Publishers. As Raymond Carr wrote of Alistair 'occasionally an epic subject encounters a fine historian. This was the case with the Algerian War and Mr Horne. The result is a book of compelling power, written with compassion and understanding'. 
Aside from his wonderful books, Alistair set up the Alistair Horne Fellowship of which Macmillan was a partner in its early years. The Fellowship is responsible for the launch of the careers of many distinguished historians including Roy Foster and Norman Davies, to name but two, and is a fitting legacy for a giant in his field.
Our thoughts are with Alistair's family and friends.
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