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27 January 2016

By Pan Macmillan

'it is absolutely critical that we stand against rape culture.
girls matter, their stories matter, and all the rage is my way of letting them know'
courtney summers


when all the rage published in the us in april 2015, courtney summers launched social media campaign #tothegirls

the campaign invited everyone to tell girls that they are seen, heard and loved. whether offering advice or encouragement, or simply just thanking the girls in their lives who have made a difference to them, #tothegirls was an opportunity to provide support, love, and to be heard.

pan macmillan have revived this campaign on the uk publication of all the rage to inspire positivity in readers here in the uk. #tothegirls2016 encourages people to share their messages of strength, advice and courage to ‘the girls’ – and for everyone – for the year ahead. 

we've put together a small selection of the tweets to inspire you to get involved yourself. 


all the rage 
courtney summers

romy grey wears her lipstick like armour, ever since the night she was raped by kellan turner, the sheriff's son.

romy refuses to be a victim, but speaking up has cost her everything. no one wants to believe kellan is not the golden boy they thought he was, and romy has given up trying to make herself heard.

but when another girl goes missing after a party, romy must decide whether the cost of her silence might be more than she can bear.

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