For any of you who have read an Adam Nevill novel previously you'll know what I mean when I say they're 'terrifying in a good way'. With his engaging plots, great characters and truly 'can't sleep with the lights off' scenes it's no wonder that the Guardian have called him 'Britain's answer to Stephen King'.

His new novel HOUSE OF SMALL SHADOWS is coming out in October. The jacket we'd been looking to use originally was this one and we launched it earlier this year to a good reception:


It's a great jacket but we're never one to sit on our laurels, always tinkering to see if we can improve, reacting to market trends and expectations and listening to retailer and consumer feedback. After several in-house discussions and liaising directly with the author, we decided that we wanted a new and slightly different approach for this novel. Something that established a brand look for the author, and a jacket that said, 'pick me up - go on, you know you want to'. Or rather, with Adam's book, 'pick me up, read me, and then lock me in the freezer over night mwahaaaa'. And we're hoping that we've done just that.

They watch you as you sleep…

The Red House: home to the damaged genius of the late M. H. Mason, master taxidermist and puppeteer, where he lived and created his most disturbing works. The building and its treasure trove of antiques is long forgotten, but the time has come for his creations to rise from the darkness . . .

Catherine Howard can’t believe her luck when she’s invited to value the contents of the house. When she first sees the elaborate displays of posed, costumed and preserved animals and the macabre puppets, she’s both thrilled and terrified. It’s an opportunity to die for.

But the Red House has secrets, secrets as dreadful and dark as those from Catherine’s own past. At night the building comes alive with noises and movements: footsteps, and the fleeting glimpses of small shadows on the stairs. And soon the barriers between reality, sanity and nightmare begin to collapse . . .


What do you think? I love the clean lines, the immediacy and atmosphere of it and the fact that the author type now emphasizes the 'evil' in Adam's surname! :-) Hope you love that glassy-eyed doll's gaze as much as we do. We're currently working on the rest of Adam's novels and as soon as we have covers I'll show them all in all their horrifying glory.