Halloween is just around the corner and with the paperback of Adam Nevill's rivetingly creepy horror novel LAST DAYS out last week, and to get us in the mood for this spookiest of occasions, we asked Adam to send us hisLAST DAYS PLAYLIST:


Sacred Music in the Renaissance - The Tallis Scholars, Finest Recordings 1980 1989, Vol1,II, III. Sacred Vocal Music that is haunting, euphoric, transporting and enriched my writing experience. I listened to these three CDs throughout the writing of LAST DAYS to help me get into the zone.


The White Album – The Beatles. As the story also features a hippy death cult, I just had to play this album repeatedly during the writing of LAST DAYS. It is the Beatles album that had a profound effect on Charles Manson. He believed there were coded messages within the lyrics, and intended for him, which formed much of his Helter Skelter philosophy, in which the murders committed by his Family would begin a race war in America resulting in Armageddon. During the chaos he intended to lead his followers to safety within a magical cave in the desert, before returning above ground as a messiah. Plenty of people believed him too, and killed for him. I think Sister Katherine’s beliefs in LAST DAYS are actually more plausible (but still, out there, man).


Celtic Frost – Monotheist. Swiss Avant Garde heavy metal that conjures evil soundscapes I found inspirational, particularly A Dying God Coming Into Human Flesh.

 Let's get listening!