I recently had the pleasure to take part in a Fiction Uncovered event, where they presented a four day pop-up FM radio station broadcasting from Foyles bookshop, Charing Cross Road. The radio station featured content around eight selected titles as well as discussing a much wider range of fiction on a great range of panel events. These were broadcast live from 87.9FM, were also streamed live online: now podcasts of each of the shows is available for download on iTunes.


The Fiction Uncovered panel I participated in (you'll be unsurprised to hear!) was genre-related and chaired by writer, novelist and journalist Matt Thorne. This was designed to give advice for aspiring writers of science fiction and also featured some general discussion on science fiction today and its history - interesting I hope! Panellists included literary agent John Berlyne of the Zeno Agency, Den Patrick of Blackwells the Bookseller (and author) and I represented Tor. It was great fun to do this, especially we got used to the rules of radio (not speaking over each other), the fancy recording equiptment and some official-looking red lights that showed if you were on or off air. If you'd like to see what we chatted about, the audio recording is below or seek it out on iTunes.

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