Today we celebrate the paperback publication of Alan Campbell’s SEA OF GHOSTS. Described by The Times as ‘A truly fantastic tale . . . an accomplished and original achievement’, the Morning Star as ‘Rampant imagination allied with unusually rich writing’ and The Speculative Scotsman blog as ‘A stonking good time . . . a breathless, whistle-stop tour of a wonderfully mouldering world’, this is the first book in a series we at Tor are very excited about.

Also, what a stonking cover!


Welcome to a world of water - where dragons are used as weapons and countries are separated by power, greed and fear...

Thrown out of the Graveyard corps by a corrupt and weak emperor, Granger has to turn to running his own prison. It’s not a lucrative business but if he keeps his head down, doesn't succumb to pity or morals then he may just survive. But when two unexpected prisoners enter his life then his world is turned upside down.

Ianthe is young, blind and deaf – she can only see or hear through other people’s senses. This makes her unique in a world held to ransom by the powerful Haurstaf – a sisterhood of telepaths who consider the young girl a threat to their power. She's also Granger's daughter . . .


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