Tor are excited to announce a partnership with Uncaring Universe Podcast, a podcast dedicated to the authors and creators of incredible SFF.  Danny Wadeson is the brilliant host and below he tells us a bit more about the podcast and what he has planned. 


" Uncaring Universe is a monthly podcast dedicated to insightful interviews with the most exciting SFF writers and creators. From established games writers such as the legendary RPG-mensch Chis Avellone to breaking new fiction authors such as Vic JamesUU is all about what makes them - and great SFF - tick. Plus, I make each guest ask a question for the following one to answer, which is never awkward at all.

A games writer by trade (and a predictably hopeful/unpublished author), I started the podcast about two years ago as an excuse to glean tips from the creators that I admired. The show has now evolved into a shorter, more focused format aimed at fans, writers/creators and anyone keen to hear great minds talk about what they love. Eventually I hope the podcast will act as a timeless repository of writerly wisdom.  

I’ve been reading Tor authors feverishly for decades so I’m thrilled to be partnering with them to help UU reach even more passionate SFF fans and writers. Hopefully you’ll enjoy listening to the authors you love as much as I delight in grilling them about their strange obsessions and writing in their pants. "

Check out the Uncaring Universe Podcast below and tune in this weekend for the new episode with Brian Staveley, author of Skullsworn, which is out now in hardback and digital.