Earlier this week some of us were lucky enough to attend the Arthur C. Clarke awards, one of our most prestigious science fiction awards. This year, in addition to the awards ceremony, the Arthur C Clarke Award teamed up with the Royal Society to run a micro-conference called Write The Future, which held a variety of panels and presentations 'themed around the transformative power of science, technology, communication and the human imagination'. 

For those of you interested in the boundaries between science and science fiction and how these boundaries are changing as technology advances, take a look at this video below of the panel 2001 days later: living in the future. This video then follows on to the awards ceremony where Chris Beckett (published by Corvus) won the award with his novel Dark Eden

Here is a photo of Tom Hunter, the Arthur C Clarke Award and Write The Future organiser talking about the awards. You can just about make out the six award nominees on the screen in the background. Click on the photo to be taken through to the video, and then scroll down for some more pictures of the night:

arthurcclarke3_1After the awards ceremony, we were entertained with a drinks reception in one of the numerous plush rooms at the Royal Society. I will admit this isn't the best photo, but it does show Sci-Fi London's director, Louis Savy in action. The Arthur C Clarke Award is partnered with Sci-Fi London and for those of you at a loose end this weekend, Sci-Fi London's film festival is running until this Tuesday.



And finally, here's Bella with our Tor Rights Assistant, Kerry Lagan and Orbit's James Long: