Today I wanted to share some of the visual inspiration behind Starborn and The Worldmaker Trilogy. I've found Pinterest to be an amazing resource and the perfect place to mine ideas for a story, everything from character and costume to weapons and architecture. Pinterest is like a tree; you start with the trunk and follow it as it splits, branching out again and again until you're fifty pins from where you started.

Sometimes I use it merely to browse; other times I search on key words like “citadel” or “airship” if I have a specific idea in mind and want to explore its possibilities. So without further ado, here are my three Pinterest boards for the Worldmaker series, split into character / costume, landscape / architecture and concepts (where I put all the weird stuff).


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For CHARACTER, I tend to focus more on colouring, posture and costume rather than accurate features, although some of the images are eerily spot-on. These aren’t just from Starborn, but range across the whole series, so there’s characters from the second book, Heartland, up there too, as well as some sketchy inspiration for the final book. I haven’t labelled the images; if you’ve read Starborn, you might be able to tell who’s who.


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LANDSCAPES AND ARCHITECTURE are where I put ideas for my trilogy’s settings. There’s a lot of Naris, the dark citadel, as it’s a major part of Starborn. There are also images of how it looked five hundred years ago, as well as Kyndra’s rather Welsh-inspired home, the Valleys. The desert landscapes refer to places Kyndra and her friends encounter in book two. And you’ll notice some of the tombs from Skyrim – I’m entertaining ideas of a dungeon crawl in book three, involving ruins, catacombs and an (un)dead knight-commander.


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CONCEPTS are where I put abstract imagery or motifs like the red earth and designs for Solar / Lunar tattoos. There’s a couple of airships too and the celestial calendar used in the cover art. This is the board where I pin images that relate to unrealised plots or characters, possibilities to explore at a later date. Oh and gross stuff like the Rat King.


The rest of my Pinterest is taken up with boards dedicated to favourite games, fantasy fan art (mostly from books) and cool illustrations. Feel free to send me links to your own boards too!

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Lucy's the celebrated author of The Worldmaker Trilogy, which began with the magnificent Starbornout in paperback on 28th January. The sequel is due later this year.