The other week Team Tor took a visit to Peter F. Hamilton's house to film him at work. Whilst there, we took some sneaky behind-the-scenes snaps to share with you all.  

Here's a picture of some choice foreign editions:

Peter's Inkpot award is below, which he received at San Diego Comic-Con this year.

Spielberg has one too - he's in good company:


There were obviously a lot of bookshelves - some glorious spines on display:



A picture of Peter's grandfather on the bookshelf:


Peter keeps his office very clean and tidy with minimal distractions. This is the only toy I found. In it's original box!




Peter has always worked on computers from the very beginning - well almost. So it was very rare to find a printed manuscript in his archives. We all got very excited. This is The Nano Flower in its box



I'm too young to remember these but back in the day Peter used 3" disks to save his work - then these lost out to 3.5" disks. Both obviously obsolete now - and Peter doesn't have anything to view the contents on - who knows what treasures could lie on some of them!


VERY EXCITING. A very early edition of Mindstar Rising saved on this disk - check out its early title:


Great North Road, the new book from Peter F. Hamilton, is out on the 27th of September.