All at Tor Towers are eagerly awaiting the publication of China Miéville's new book Railsea. As you may know Railsea is a playful and clever tale for all ages featuring giant moles that break through the earth in a world constructed of metal and ore. You can imagine our surprise last week when reality mirrored fiction in the form of giant metal moles that are busy at work beneath our feet here in London.  Described by Mayor Boris Johnson as "voracious worms nibbling their way under London", the 150-metre long machines will take three years to build a network of tunnels beneath the city's streets in preparation for the Cross Rail train service. They will operate 24 hours a day and each 'mole' comes with its own kitchen and toilet.  This is not a luxury that the giant moles of Railsea come equipped with.


Thanks to Penny Schenk for pointing this story out to us on Twitter!