As things get increasingly seasonal, I thought it would be fun to see just what genre goodies are out there in terms of Christmas decorations. If you want to show your tree some genre love, there's no shortage I'm telling you - from the tasteful, to the fun to the out-and-out weird. Anyway, I've a few tree and non-tree Christmas decorations below and some of our authors also shared their top tips. If you have any favorites from the list, do let us know. Or if you have your own unusual/attractive decoration sightings to report, let us know in the comments!

1) This is pretty random but I really like it. A kind of road sign crossed with a tree decoration, inspired by Lord of the Rings. Anyway, if this is for you, I found it on here. 


2) Paul Cornell supplied me with a suitably Whovian decoration:
'For a truly morbid Doctor Who Christmas, how about these Cyberman tree decorations?!'
They do look rather sinister, and were made by SolarShine, seen here on


3) I just love these attractive and glittery planets. These are the 'Kurt Adler Saturn Planet Ornaments', found on Like normal baubles, but way better, obviously. Though I couldn't vouch for their scientific accuracy...


4) This one's from Adam Nevill. Given what he writes, I can't say I'm surprised by his choice:
'The Yule Goat: often a horned and goat-like figure with origins entangled in Norse mythology and ancient harvest rituals. There are, of course potent superstitions and supernatural implications behind this horned figure; old pagan ideas buried in something modernity has tried to sanitize, and in some parts of Finland hideous wooden effigies are still carved. Some people still dress as the Yule Goat too (at least we hope those horned figures dancing on roofs are people in costume ...)'


5) As you might expect, Christmas decorations are an area where steampunks can really go to town. There are plenty to choose from, but I like these tasteful little items below. I don't know where you'd buy them, maybe they were made as a one off? But I found the image on a blog from a year or so back collecting a number of steampunk Christmas ideas. So go see The Pennington Edition blog for more festive steampunk fun.


6) If you fancy seeing the Enterprise nestled among the branches, look no further. It has lights and everything. I found this in the


7) These gorgeous felt (?) Doctor Who decorations are hand-made by PandawithCookie on Good thing the Tardis is bigger on the inside, or there would be no room for all the others ...



8) A serious Christmas decoration here. The brooding lego Death Star is not for the faint-hearted. Not sure it would play well with the shiny space ships below or not. If you like it, you can find it on, where they credit Chris McVeigh.


9) I do like these cheerful retro space ships. Would brighten up the old tree no end I think. They are lurking here on courtesy of Mary B Decorative Art.

Spaceship tree decorations

10) Lastly, it's not a 'genre decoration' but it is sweet! Author Leigh Evans shared her former favourite Christmas decoration with us. Former because when she removed it from the box, her cat decided it had to be destroyed. This may be familiar to cat-lovers out there...


So it's happy festivities everybody, whatever your decoration policy!