The Borribles by Michael de Larrabeiti is a classic piece of writing and a rebellious adventure for readers of all ages. The novel received a veritable storm of extraordinary reviews upon its original 1970s release (see below). But, as the full trilogy had never been published as individual ebooks in the UK, we thought it was about time - and you can get hold of Book One digitally later this week on 16th January. And here, we've included some wonderful extra material.
Feisty and anti-authoritarian, the Borribles of the trilogy (akin to gangs of runaway children with pointed ears!) are much-loved by authors such as China Miéville, among many others. He wrote a wonderful and heartfelt piece on the books a few years ago, and we've included this introduction in these special ebook reissues. China said 'the Borribles were, and are, my heroes'. Here, we'd like to give a little background to the Borribles trilogy and reveal the fantastic cover art for Book One . . .

These books are set in a shadowy alternate London and were originally aimed at children. But as with all classics, they have great appeal to adults too - the reviews drawing parallels with works such as Animal Farm or Watership Down. In the first adventure, the Borribles take on giant rats or ‘Rumbles’ that threaten their very way of life. They are fun adventures but also have an anarchic, non-conformist message.

These latest ebooks are particularly special, as they include some wonderful extra material, including some not seen in any previous editions of the books. For example, in Book One you'll find China Miéville's introduction and an illustration drawn by Michael de Larrabeiti, as well as a map of the London territories explored. Amongst other pieces of interesting background, you'll also discover colourful descriptions of the wonderful cast of characters.
The atmospheric cover displayed here was designed by our in-house designer Jo Thomson, who used Daniel Baur's (K5 Media Group) iconic cover font, created especially for the book. 
‘Michael de Larrabeiti’s stunning trilogy, put simply, comprises three of my very, very favourite books ever . . . May they mean as much to you as they do to me ’
China Miéville
‘The adventures of The Hobbit and the rabbits of Watership Down are more than once called to mind . . . and de Larrabeiti has brought something of these mythologies to the street markets and the back alleys of South London and the thronged waterways of the Thames itself’
The Times

‘Battersea’s answer to Watership Down, The Lord of the Rings and The Guns of Navarone . . .  It is a tale of low cunning and dubious morality . . . here is an epic with an eyeful of smut – what the Trojan Wars were really like. Try the Borribles, warts and all, before they become a legend’
Times Educational Supplement

‘With considerable ingenuity and finesse, de Larrabeiti has projected a grim, violent futureworld . . . he presents an alien culture with its own folkways, legends and taboos . . . The Borribles won’t win friends among the starry-eyed or squeamish, all the same they are the offspring of a singular imagination’
New York Times

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More information on ebook publication dates:
The Borribles is published on 16th January
The Borribles Go for Broke is published in February
The Borribles: Across the Dark Metropolis
is published in March

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