We have completely redesigned the covers for the first two novels in Mark Charan Newton’s Legends of the Red Sun series, and we think they look fab!                                     city-of-ruin-fc1_2

Both covers were redesigned to bring them in line with Mark’s most recent covers for THE BOOK OF TRANSFORMATIONS (out in paperback 5th July 2012) and THE BROKEN ISLES, Mark’s next and final novel in this fantastic series (also out on the 5th July in hardback).

book-of-transformations_2                                   the-broken-isles_3

Praise for the Legends of the Red Sun series

‘Newton combines strange and vivid creations with very real and pressing concerns’

China Mieville

‘Fantasy with vast scope and ambition’


‘A deft melding of murder mystery, gang warfare, corrupt politics and full-blown war’