fiddlehead1_3As Cherie Priest's wonderful Fiddlehead is out this month (interview and free extract here), she's added even more to the fantastic-ness that is her steampunk Pinterest board.

We now have a picture of Fiddlehead itself, below, the calculating engine inspired by Charles Babbage's famous difference engine.

There are also pictures of real-life spy Belle Boyd - and you can find out more about the woman behind the story here. See below for a small selection of these gorgeous images:

 Fiddlehead - the real thing!
"A model of Babbage's "difference engine," inspiration for the Fiddlehead itself" Cherie Priest

"Belle Boyd, Confederate spy. In case anyone was curious re: what she looked like in real life. (No, I didn't make her up! She was a real person :))" Cherie Priest

*  *  *  *  *

And of course, there are some wonderful steampunk images taken from fashion, interior design, jewellery, art and much more. It's such a gorgeous aesthetic, intricate and beautiful, I'd urge you to take a look at this selection of these wonders below. Then do dive into Cherie Priest's steampunk Pinboard here. It's well worth a visit!

1.    steampunk-art_1      2.  necklace_1
Picture 1) "Awesome zoo of Steampunk animals by Russian artist Vladimir Gvozdev, known as "Gvozdariki". Phenomenal talent! Cherie Priest
Picture 2) "This necklace is about halfway between 'yes!' and 'yikes!'" Cherie Priest                               

3. chair_1 4. shako-trophy-hunter_1
Picture 3) Cherie Priest on Pinterest: "This totally rocks ... get it. (Not my joke. I swear.)"

Picture 4) "Trophy Hunter - Foreign legion? Nice pipe and 'stache, dude..." Cherie Priest

 5 .  lamp_1     6.  zombie-phrenology_1
Picture 5) "'Petite Cosmo' Moon Phase Lamp by Art Donovan ... very nice!" Cherie Priest

Picture 6) "Zomblie phrenology" Cherie Priest

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Fiddlehead by Cherie Priest is published in November in paperback and you can find out more about the book here and her other Clockwork Century novels here, including the award-winning Boneshaker. Here you can find more posts on and by Cherie Priest on