Let's face it - the fans of science fiction and fantasy don't have the best reputation. We're seen as spoddy, slightly challenged in the hygiene department and a little bit on the socially awkward side. However 'geek' culture is having a bit of a moment. You just have to flick on the telly box to find yourself watching some vampiric wench kicking ass or an elfin princess being rescued by a buff leather clad warrior. The great and the good are suddenly coming out as ardent sff fans. Hooray!  In reaction Tor is proud to bring you 'Closet Klingons'. Each month we'll 'out' a well known public figure who LOVES space opera, can't get enough of steampunk and won't live without an urban fantasy novel. This month we focus on Danger mouse, (no not Danger Mouse, the Patrick McGoohan-esque spy/rodent you watched as a child) but Danger mouse American producer/musican. Did you know that his last album Rome will become soundtrack to music video director Chris Milk's proposed film inspired by our very own Alden Bell's The Reapers are the Angels? No? Well here is a video by him for your auditory and visual pleasure: