As you all probably know China Miéville has some illustrious fans but none are more illustrious than the 70's new wave/pop band Blondie. Their love of his books is widely known and has been mentioned in many a press interview in the past few years. In an article in the Irish Times both Debbie Harry and Chris Stein revealed a shared passion for his work.blondie

“China’s my buddy now,” says Stein proudly, sounding like a star-struck teen. “I kind of stalked him for a bit. I read THE CITY AND THE CITY and it just knocked me out, and then I went and read all of his other stuff and it was just f**king great.”

So there you go: who knew being a Tor author carried the risk of being stalked by superstar rock musicians. Who said SF and Fantasy wasn't glamourous hey?!


Here is a rather appropriately titled Blondie song for your enjoyment: