against-gravity-fc-1_1Angel Stations: cover illustration Steve Stone; in-house design Neil LangWe are in the process, of some of you will have spotted, of updating the cover look for some of Gary Gibson's previous science fiction adventures. Steve Stone has done a fabulous job with Gary's more recent covers, so we wanted to bring Gary's older covers up-to-date in the same stylish fashion. And stylish they are -- yes indeed! 

So this week, I'd like to unveil new artwork for Gary's first two novels, Angel Stations and Against Gravity. See below for larger versions of both covers and praise for the books, as these both attracted an impressive array of reviews on publication. It's great to be able to bring them to a new audience with a more modern look and these will be out in June this year.

Gary's Shoal trilogy also has shiny new artwork, see here, and these are reissued in May. 

Angel Stations: cover illustration Steve Stone; in-house design Neil LangWHAT WILL WE SACRIFICE TO SURVIVE? 

For an age, humanity has felt protected by complex artefacts discovered throughout known space. Among these phenomena are the Stations, whereby human spacecraft can jump instantly to far corners of the galaxy. These technological wonders taught us much, but their creators vanished aeons ago. And these ‘Angels’ left powerful enemies – who are about to target these artefacts with a wave of destruction. Our nearby worlds will suffer the same fate.

One Station orbits distant Kaspar; now occupied by scientists and armed militia who monitor the planet below. On its surface, ignorant of our very existence, the only known sentient species other than ourselves is slowly developing. But things are about to change. Kaspar’s mysterious ‘Citadel’ could hold the key to repelling the fast-approaching threat. At what cost, though, to its native inhabitants – and to its human guardians.


A combination of grit and a three-dimensional vision not common enough in the burgeoning world of space adventures’
‘A very complex and mature novel that pays several close readings’
FantasyBookCritic blog



In the late twenty-first century, it’s a very different world. Little is as it used to be, and many are not what they seem.

Meet Kendrick Gallmon, survivor of the Maze. In this covert research facility, political prisoners became unwilling participants in an experiment to turn them into perfect soldiers. Now Kendrick is trying to pick up the pieces of his life. But he knows his nervous system, now riddled with unstable nanotech augmentations, is slowly killing him.

Then one day his heart stops beating, forever, and a ghost urges him to return to the source of all his nightmares. A long-abandoned military complex, filled with entirely real voices of the dead.



‘A convincing picture of the world in 2096’
‘The pace is smooth and measured … A strong second novel’
‘A strong plot and characters with a speculative twist ... topical and prophetic’

Also, for comparison's sake, here is the current cover art for these books, before the update!

                   angel-stations3_1    against-gravity3_1