Fantasy doesn't get much more epic than Ben Peek's gripping trilogy. Starting with The Godless (click the link to read a free extract!), the series takes place in a world permanently scarred by an ancient war. 

Fifteen thousand years after the War of the Gods, their corpses now lie scattered across the world, slowly dying as men and women awake with strange powers that are derived from their bodies. While some see these powers as a gift - most call them a curse. But old enemies are stirring and the war may not be over after all . . . three strangers must join forces to change the fate of the world: Ayae, a young cartographer with god-touched powers, Zaifyr, a man hiding too many secrets, and Bueralan, leader of a notorious mercenary band.

The series reaches its conclusion in the upcoming The Eternal Kingdom, which is out in ebook and paperback on 15th June. To celebrate, we have something to whet your appetite - a new ebook novella from Ben Peek! Set before the events of The Godless, this short story gives a glimpse into the life of Bueralan, as he and his saboteurs embark on a complex mission. Saboteurs will be released in ebook on the 6th April - check out the cover below! The jackets for whole series have been beautifully designed by Pan Macmillan's Neil Lang.


Bueralan Le - exiled baron, fighter, saboteur - washes up on strange shores with a stranger mission. Bueralan and his crew have a grand plan: to save a town in this gods-touched land from anarchy, as it heads towards violence and bloodshed. The job will demand all of their cunning, experience and skill with the sword. But they've been hired to right a great wrong and they won't rest until it's done . . .


Praise for Ben Peek

‘Epic in sheer size and scope’

‘Weaves multiple threads of the plot together with considerable skill . . . readers fond of open-ended epic fantasies set in vivid, and occasionally lurid, worlds will find it right up their alley’
Publishers Weekly

‘[Peek's] mixture of adventure, politics, myth and ancient legend is completely immersive, totally absorbing and unashamedly 5* stuff’
The Book Bag

‘A fast-paced page turner set in an enthralling new world’
Speculative Book Review

‘I'm not overstating things when I say that Ben Peek is one of the most accomplished writers of richly detailed and intricately plotted epic fantasy working in Australia today'
Newton Review of Books

'One of the most unique and enthralling epic fantasies that I have read in recent years. Peek's vision and execution are wonderful, and his deft and creative touch with this series a joy to behold. If Peek continues to write to this standard he will go down in history as a master of the genre'
Smash Dragons