Now how's this for a dramatic cover? Gary Gibson's SURVIVAL GAME isn't out till August 2016, but we're so pleased with this bold new jacket that we had to share it now. Designed by Neil Lang and illustrated by Steve Stone, it has a cinematic feel that really captures the epic scale of this novel. And it features the hunt for a lethal artifact, spy games, alternate worlds and perhaps the end of two civilizations, it is pretty epic! See more about the high-octane plot below. This is the second book in Gibson's Apocalypse Duology, following EXTINCTION GAME which came out in paperback earlier this year. 


One civilization lies in ruins, but will they be next?

Katya is a scientist, working on a top secret project for the Russian Empire. She's also desperate. Due to her classified knowledge of alternative worlds, she's being blackmailed into working as a spy - and her father's life is at stake. But Katya's assignment seems impossible.

She must hunt down a mysterious artifact that could give the dying Tzar his dearest wish - new life. But it's hidden on an alternate Earth, on an American controlled island. She'll have to go deep undercover to gain access to this prize. And Borodin, the Tzar's ruthless spymaster, has his own reasons for needing the object. 

However, ambition blinds these men to the facts. The artifact will call down terror from the depths of space. If they use it, the Russian Empire, the Americans' beleaguered territories and all linked versions of earth face extinction. Katya discovers the truth with Jerry, an American survivalist based on the island. Together they must stop the artifact being activated, at any costs. Two civilizations depend upon it.

* * *

Whilst you're waiting for SURVIVAL GAME, there's plenty of time to pick up EXTINCTION GAME! Although both books can be read as standalones, together they are an unmissable treat for the apocalyptically-minded. Try a free extract here.


Praise for Extinction Game

‘[Gibson] excels at depicting real-feeling destruction and the tenacity and weaknesses of survivors, along with the moral wrestling of survivor guilt. This potent, teeth-gritting SF thriller shows death and love only a shadow away from our ordinary lives’
Publishers Weekly

'Extinction Game is a gripping mystery and can only increase Gibson’s growing reputation as a master of core SF'

‘Gibson makes the most of his parallel universes, forging
a strong plot with a few twists that fairly boggle the mind’
Daily Mail

‘Believable characters, interesting situations, stunning settings, and, above all else, a compulsively readable story makes this a must-read for sci-fi fans'

'Gibson creates a vivid picture of life after an apocalypse … the pace is relentless, and the story twists several times before reaching a conclusion that sets up this new series'