Fans of Genevieve Cogman's fabulous Invisible Library series - you don't have too long to wait for book three! THE BURNING PAGE is released on Thursday 15th December - just in time to keep you company over Christmas.

In the meantime, we have another treat for you: the cover and title of BOOK FOUR! You've a whole year to wait for this one, alas, but we promise it's worth it. Irene and Kai will return in . . . THE LOST PLOT.

Their fourth adventure takes our intrepid pair of Librarians to a 1930s-esque Chicago. Prohibition is in force, fedoras, flapper dresses and tommyguns are in fashion, and intrigue is afoot. Irene and Kai find themselves in a race against time (and dragons) to procure a rare book whose discovery could have serious political repercussions for Kai's people - and whose loss could have dire consequences for Irene's job. Oh, and also possibly for her life . . .

If you haven't already discovered the joy that is the Invisible Library series, why not check out a free online extract from the first book, here? (Did you like my library pun?)

And if you are already a fan of the series - here's the fabulous cover for THE LOST PLOT, designed by Neil Lang! We have a really stunning 'series look' for these books, which is completely different from anything else out there. I particularly love the art deco border - so evocative of the period - and the flapper girl figure in the corner. And what are the wolves doing there? Well, you'll have to wait till next year to find out!


Praise for The Invisible Library series

'Brilliant and so much fun. Skullduggery, Librarians, and Dragons - Cogman keeps upping the ante on this delightful series!’
Charles Stross

‘Reminiscent of the works of Diana Wynne Jones and Neil Gaiman . . . a true treat’
Publishers Weekly

‘In the humourous and satirical tradition of Discowrld’

‘Written in a similar vein to Deborah Harkness’s All Souls trilogy . . . Contemporary meets fairy-take in this novel’
Big Issue

‘Surrender to the sheer volume of fun that appears on every page . . . thoroughly entertaining’
Starburst Magazine

‘One of those rare fantasies that seems to arrive fully formed within the first few pages of the book . . . Irene herself is a fantastic central character, a capable, intelligent female lead who seems to have one of the best, if dangerous, jobs in fiction’
Den of Geek

‘This witty and spirited adventure sets up a potential gold mine of lore for the writer to plunder in future sequels . . . a fun and original page-turner’