Today we have a cover reveal for you . . . and a mystery!

THE NEVER KING is a gripping gaol-break story, an action-packed tale of revenge, oppression and heroism. It's a standalone novel,  perfect for fans of epic fantasy by David Gemmell, Brandon Sanderson, John Gwynne or Joe Abercrombie. And it's coming to a bookshop near you in May 2017!

We're really excited by this cover by Neil Lang. The inverted, blood-laced crown gives a wonderful sense of menace, whilst also suggesting a king that never was - his chance at rule destroyed in an act of treachery. And the traditional fantasy silhouette of the castle is made fresh and contemporary against the stark background - this is a new story, with all the hallmarks of classic heroic fantasy. James Abbott is going to be one to watch.


But the question of the moment is: who is James Abbott?

The author has attracted some passionate fans over his writing career but is now trying a new direction under a pseudonym. His identity is therefore shrouded in mystery . . . for the moment at least. Look out for our twitter competition, where we will give you the chance to guess which existing Pan Macmillan author has undergone this transformation, and win some Tor books! I won't ruin the surprise here, lest I face retribution from the author for a broken promise - but look out for clues in this post and on twitter over the next few nights. 

Xavir Argentum is the legendary former commander of an elite warrior cadre. But Xavir was framed for an atrocity during an epic battle and imprisoned for life, taking him out of the running for the crown itself. Then, while powerless to influence events, the kingdom he'd sworn to protect fell into the hands of a tyrant. It will be up to a few - a mixed bag of rogues and heroes - to right some great wrongs. But first, Xavir must make his escape . . .