eightsquaredcon_1With Eastercon’s EightSquared convention this Easter weekend, I wanted to share with you what Team Tor and authors will be up to and hope to see you there! Paul Cornell,Adrian Tchaikovsky,Gary Gibson and Tony Ballantyne will be there and I'm also moderating a couple of panels too.

Here's the online programme, with paper schedules available in the goodie-bags at the convention. 


Friday 29th March

paul-cornell1_26pm – Debut authors (Rowan)
New authors talk about starting out: how to get published, and what happens when you do. Moderated by Bella Pagan, with Adrian Faulkner, Naomi Foyle, Francis Knight, Emma Newman and Stephanie Saulter

9pm -- Underground London (Rowan)
Take one London. Add magical society hidden from most people. Mix in famous places from the city, and optionally garnish with police procedural. Why is this such a great recipe?
Paul Cornell with Roz Kaveney, Anne Lyle and Simon Morden.

*  *  *

Saturday 30th March

tchaikovsky-new-colour-crop3_110am – Editing: the truth, the myth and the rule of the red pen (Rowan)
What do editors do anyway, and why is it necessary? What's it like to be edited? Practical experience and observations on how to edit and how to be edited.
Bella Pagan moderating the panel with Mercurio D. Rivera, Naomi Foyle, Janine Ashbless and Paul McAuley

11am -- The Stories in Games (Boardroom)
Narrative games require stories to work, whether they are tabletop RPGs, LARPs or computer game. How do these stories differ from those in books and films? And how do you fix them when the encounter the enemy (or ‘player’)? 
Adrian Tchaikovsky, Mike Cule, Ian McKenna, Emma Newman and Marcus Rowland.

Noon -- Genre Get Together -- Fantasy (Conservatory)
This is a chance to meet fantasy authors and get books signed.  
Paul Cornell, Adrian Tchaikovsky and other fantasy authors attending Eastercon.


5pm -- Advice for Writers: How and Why (Boardroom)
Practical experience and observations on shaping and narrating your story and plot.  
Marcus Gipps moderates Gary Gibson, Tony Ballantyne, Nina Allan, and Sharon Reamer.

7pm -- Genre Get Together -- Science fiction (Conservatory Bar)
This is a chance to meet science fiction authors and get books signed.  
Gary Gibson, Tony Ballantyne and other science fiction authors attending Eastercon.

8pm -- Law and New Technology (Boardroom)
As technology changes, the law and society struggles to keep up. Authors look at some of the recent problem areas.
Adrian Tchaikovsky with Jennifer Delaney, Simon Bradshaw, Carolina Gomez-Lagerlöf and Sarah Groenewegen.

tony-ballantyne_18pm -- Hugo Shortlist Announcement (Rowan)
Paul Cornell will be attending in his capacity as Toastmaster for this year's Worldcon in Texas.

*  *  *

Sunday 31st March

Noon --  Ready, Steady, Flash (Boardroom)
Lee Harris challenges authors to produce short themed fiction to a very tight deadline, and then read it out.
Paul Cornell with Cory Doctorow, Roz Kaveney and Emma Newman. Donna Scott will be entertaining the crowd while the authors come up with rapid creations.

5pm -- Revolutionary Fantasy
Epic Fantasy has a reputation for conservatism. Our panel storm the barricades to liberate it from Divine Right and nostalgia (see a recent post on the subject by Adrian Tchaikovsky on our blog).
Juliet McKenna moderates Adrian Tchaikovsky, Kate Keen, Francis Knight and Gaie Sebold.

china-43_17pm -- BSFA Awards (Main)
Paul Cornell will host the British Science Fiction Association Award ceremony with Award Administrator Donna Scott. The full shortlists are here -- and we are particularly excited as China Miéville has been shortlisted in the Best Short Story category for Three Moments of an Explosion. You can hear him reading this story at a Kitchies Event last year here. And there is also a written version of the story on China’s own blog. 



Also, whatever you do and see, enjoy your Eastercon!