Now a few whole days have passed since the fantastic event that was Olympus 2012, this year's Eastercon, it's time for a nostalgic look back at a  few pictures. My own highlights of the event included Paul Cornell's wonderful Just a Minute panel on the Friday night and Adrian Tchaikovsky on the Epic Legends of the Hierarchs (Writing a long series) panel. I also enjoyed moderating my own panel on how to avoid cliched characters and clunky dialogue. Then of course it was a delight to see Paul Cornell win a BSFA Award for his short fiction and to hear it had also been nominated for a Hugo, with China Mieville's EMBASSYTOWN being nominated in the Best Novel category.  

The weekend was closed appropriately for me by our taxi driver waxing lyrically (and at some length) on the topic of his Star Trek DVD collection, as we left Eastercon behind us. I tactfully didn't point out that his Star Trek tattoo was in the wrong font. And so to the pictures and a reminder of the fun we had.

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Plenty more pictures follow below!


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