The Hugo Awards are announced tomorrow at Chicon 7, this year's WorldCon science fiction convention, and we are rooting for China Miéville and Paul Cornell, who both have their work up for awards! What better opportunity to take a look at this video clip of China Miéville discussing Embassytown, produced on publication of the novel. This book is shortlisted in the Best Novel category. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kDm_5iMGSN0]


If you want to catch up on other China Miéville appearances, he delivered one of five keynote speeches at the Edinburgh World Writers' Conference, presented by the Edinburgh International Book Festival last month. This presentation on The Future of the Novel was covered in the Guardian here. He also appeared on Radio 4's The World at One with Ewan Morrison in August, discussing literary mash-ups among other things. Both clips follow below.


EDINBURGH WORLD WRITERS' CONFERENCE: The Future of the Novel In the final keynote speech at the 2012 Edinburgh World Writers' conference, China Miéville discusses whether the novel will remain writers’ favourite narrative form. He also asks what's in store for the novel in terms of cultural, and electronic publishing developments.



RADIO 4: The World At One Are literary mashups, combining different literary genres, an exciting new way of creating fiction - or vandalism, zombies preying on dead texts? Mieville discusses his vision of mashups on The World At One with the writer Ewan Morrison.