The first two books in Adrian Tchaikovsky’s SHADOWS OF THE APTseries have been reissued this month in B format, with a brand new cover design. Click here to read an extract from Book One: EMPIRE IN BLACK AND GOLD. empire-in-black-and-gold-9781447208600014_3


The city states of the Lowlands have lived in peace for decades, bastions of civilization, prosperity and sophistication. They have been protected by treaties, trade and a belief in the reasonable nature of their neighbours.

But meanwhile, in far-off corners, the Wasp Empire has been devouring city after city with its highly trained armies, its machines, its killing Art . . . And now its hunger for conquest and war has become insatiable. Only the ageing Stenwold Maker, spymaster, artificer and statesman, can see that the long days of peace are over. It falls upon his shoulders to open the eyes of his people – as soon a black-and-gold tide will sweep down over the Lowlands and burn away everything in its path.

But first he must stop himself from becoming the Empire’s latest victim.


dragonfly-falling_4The armies of the Wasp Empire are on the march, and first to feel their might will be the city of Tark – even now preparing for siege. Within its walls Salma and Totho must weather the storm, as the Ant-kinden prepare to stand against numbers and weaponry such as the Lowlands have never seen.

And after his earlier victory, the Empire’s secret service has decided veteran artificer Stenwold Maker is too dangerous to live. So disgraced Major Thalric is despatched on a desperate mission, not only to eliminate Stenwold himself, but to destroy his beloved city of Collegium. Thus they hope to end all hope of intelligent resistance to the remorseless imperial advance.

While the Empire’s troops are wreaking destruction, the young Emperor is reading a different path. His thoughts are on darker things than mere conquest, and if he attains his goal he will precipitate a reign of blood that will last a thousand years.


BLOOD OF THE MANTIS (book 3) and SALUTE THE DARK (book 4) are out in August, with the last reissues following in the Autumn, bringing us up-to-date with the new book 8, THE AIR WAR, out in August.


Praise for the series

'Tchaikovsky has crafted a world in delecate detail . . . He has a unique voice in the fantasy industry and this book is a great addition to an epic and complex story'


‘Full of colourful drama and non-stop action . . . Dragonfly Falling brilliantly continues the Shadows of the Apt epic fantasy series’

FantasyBookCritic blog

‘I cannot even begin to explain how much I enjoy the Shadows of the Apt books. Their level of originality and the sheer epic-ness makes for some of the best fantasy entertainment out there’


‘Reminiscent of much that’s gone before from the likes of Gemmel, Erikson, Sanderson and Cook but with its own unique and clever touch . . . Terrific’