Extinction GameThere's an apocalypse coming your way. Well, Gary Gibson's fictional sort at least, fingers crossed ... And I'm *delighted* to share with you Steve Stone's stunning cover art that goes with this superb creation. Extinction Game is the start of a new series for Gary. And here, a group of apocalypse survivalists harvest weapons from dying worlds. But who is the organisation pulling their strings and what the hell do they want? 

We wanted something powerful that could sum up the end of a world at a glance, and few landmarks can achieve this as well as the Statue of Liberty. There's something profoundly disturbing to see a symbol toppled in this way, set in an urban landscape that just shouldn't be. This is designed to suggest something rather different to our current imaginings of what a worst case scenario might look like. And in this difference, the reader can find those messages that hint at science fiction rather than thriller. In the linkage to a real-world setting, we also wanted to make it clear that here Gary is writing a story that is much closer to home (in a way!) than his far-future space-based adventures. He's come up with a stunning high concept idea and the challenge is translating that into the visual equivalent, something with an equivalent wow factor. Let us know what you think! 

See the full front cover in all its glory below, and more on the story below that. Extinction Game is scheduled for autumn 2014. 



Jerry Beche should be dead. But instead of dying alone, he’s been rescued from a desolated earth where he was the last man alive. He’s then trained for the toughest conditions imaginable and placed with a crack team of specialists.  Each one also a survivor, as each one survived the violent ending of their own versions of earth. And their specialism – to retrieve weapons and data in missions to other dying worlds. But who is the shadowy organization that rescued them?  How do they access other timelines and why do they need these instruments of death?

As Jerry struggles to obey his new masters, he starts distrusting his new companions. A strange bunch, their motivations are less than clear, and accidents start plaguing their missions. Jerry suspects that organisation is lying to them, and team members are spying on him.  As a dangerous situation spirals into fatal, who is an enemy and who can he really trust?

* * * * *